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Holistic Counsellor – Susan J. Walters

Hi and welcome to the LMHC website, I’m Susan, a fully qualified, professional Counsellor providing Hobart Holistic Counselling and which includes the following services;

    • Counselling & Psychotherapy
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Clinical Supervision

“Life Matters Holistic Counseling” is a private practice located in beautiful North Hobart (Nipuluna, Lutruwita) Tasmania and we are passionate about your mental/emotional health & wellbeing.

Holistic Counselling is a specialist modality which recognises the connection between good psychological health and the physical, social, environmental & spiritual aspects of our lived experience.

Working together, we support you to develop self-awareness and new skills that will improve your general health & overall vitality. Begin each day anew and continue to live your best life.

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Hobart Holistic Counselling

What does it mean to live an authentic life. An authentic life is one where our needs are met, we feel fulfilled, we experience self-actualization and we flourish.

Work with me to achieve your full potential by developing your innate ability to accomplish considered, creative, playful & growth enhancing solutions to whatever you find challenging.

At Life Matters you’ll be supported to find solutions & provided “transferrable” skills (for use beyond therapy) to ensure you can continue to move confidently forward in your life.


Hobart Holistic Counselling

As a Holistic Counsellor, I’m ever curious & optimistic about your human potentiality and place in the world. The desire to know & grow is an innate human pursuit you have undertaken since birth.

My Counselling Experience has been obtained working in private practice & corporate settings since completing an Undergraduate Degree and Specialist Vocational Training.

I undertake relevant Professional Development (PD) activities every year to ensure that you’re provided a high quality & up-to-date service. Quite simply because I believe your life matters.

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The real voyage of discovery consists in having new eyes quote by Marcel Proust  | counselling Hobart | life matters holistic counselling


Hobart Holistic Counselling

The aim of every Counselling session at Life Matters is to safely support/facilitate your personal development, self-awareness and growth. Through conversation, authentic connection and practical tools & strategies, we will together transform your life.



1. adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.
“to focus on the problem at hand”
2. pay particular attention to.
“the work will focus on a specific or key area”


Hobart Holistic Counselling

Our work together will draw from a diverse range of methods to assist you with your particular difficulties. I aspire to work to the highest ethical standards and ensure best possible outcomes.

I will be mindfully present for you during each of our sessions and you can be assured that your safety & wellbeing are my highest priority.

At Life Matters it’s held that our inner & outer experiences may sometimes be at variance, however acheiving a unified state (congruence) best supports your optimal health.

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Bachelor of Arts – Psychology/Asian Studies
(Victoria University)

Diploma of Liberal Arts (Victoria University)

Diploma of Counselling
(Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling
(Phoenix Institute of Australia) [now Ikon Institute]