Employee Assistance Programs – Hobart

EAP for Workplace Health

An Employee Assistance Program through Life Matters Holistic Counselling, is a professional & fully confidential service that will promote wellbeing in your workplace.

EAP is offered to support your employees with matters related to work and as well as in their personal lives. Depending on the agreement, Eap may also assist an employees family members.

Workplace wellbeing, it’s simply good for business. EAP increases employee satisfaction, performance, safety & morale and therefore the health & happiness of your entire workforce.

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The Benefits of EAP

Hobart Employee Assistance Programs

Are aimed at assisting your employees to:

  • identify & clarify challenges directly concerning them, including underlying issues if appropriate.
  • explore & understand options available to them to address their issues.
  • develop a plan & constructive solutions which are designed to alleviate and/or resolve their issues.

EAP Counseling – Hobart

Your employees can access EAP to address a broad range of concerns including (for example) although not limited to:

  • Personal issues
  • Difficulties with work colleagues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Mental health
  • Depression, stress, anxiety management
  • Work/life balance
  • Financial & legal concerns
  • Family counselling
  • Drug, alcohol or substance abuse
  • Marriage counselling
  • Grief & loss counselling

Whether facing workplace or personal life challenges, access to an Employee Assistance Program will assist your Employees.

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Empower Employees with Life Matters EAP

Why Life Matters

Life Matters Counselling delivers high quality & professional Employee Assistance Programs to Hobart SME Businesses.

EAP services are tailored to suit your organizational needs, preferences & unique workplace culture.

Information sessions are conducted and communication materials provided, to promote the service & value of EAP to employees.

Employee Assistance Programs include onsite CWI debriefings and a range of consulting/training solutions.

Life Matters EAP Consulting is a Hobart based Business Support Service designed to enhance Employee wellbeing.

“Supporting Employers… Creating Workplace Wellbeing”

Corporate Background

Our thirty years corporate experience working across various organisational levels within a diversity of industries, offers you a well-developed understanding of both business & people.

Formal education, professional/personal development and lived experience. At Life Matters we’re accomplished at working with people from all walks of life, in a solution-focused capacity.

To maintain optimal staff and workplace well-being, support your employees to address problems/challenges and formulate/apply effective solutions, with Life Matters EAP Consulting.

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Established in North Hobart (2019), Life Matters EAP services SME Businesses in and around the Greater Hobart region.

As a contractual arrangement tailored to suit your organisation, budget and corporate values, a quality service is assured.

Whether you are seeking short or long-term EAP services, we will deliver a program that comprehensively meet your needs. 

Life Matters EAP Consulting is a Hobart based service provider. We proudly support local businesses. Referees available.


Confidential & easy to access, Employee Assistance Program appointments can be booked online or call 0421 716 742 directly.

Appointment times available within two weeks generally and no referral is required to access the service.