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Life Matters Holistic Counselling is a private practice located in beautiful Hobart (Nipalunu, Lutruwita) Tasmania and servicing the Greater Hobart region.

Providing Counselling & Psychotherapy for singles, couples & parents, Employee Assistance Programs (workplace health) to local businesses and Counselling Supervision for professionals.

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p: 0421 716 742 or e: lm@counsellingholistic.com.au

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Holistic Counselling

As a therapeutic modality, the practice of Holistic Counselling is fundamentally a “whole person” approach to wellbeing.

A truly integrative approach, together we will consider the key factors which have shaped & continue to influence who you are.

Professional Counselling will assist you to better know yourself (mental/emotional states, behavioural patterns) and to develop new practical strategies & practices to facilitate positive change.

At Life Matters I will work with & for you, supporting you as you seek to develop a fresh outlook and create the life you desire.

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Professional Counselling is a dynamic interrelational activity, intended to enhance your enjoyment of life and overall wellbeing.

A comprehensive, non-judgemental and gentle approach to resolving your difficulties.

Through respect for your intellect, lived experience and personal capacities & resources, holistic counselling will serve to help you emerge with a renewed sense of self-worth and esteem.

Positive Perspective

At LM Counselling modern-day challenges are addressed from a positive perspective. The focus is on desirable human potentials such as Meaning, Purpose, Relaxation, Calm and Vitality.

This is an intentional approach which allows us to more readily & safely explore (comparatively) difficult experiences, such as despair, worthlessness, stress, anxiety or depression.

Each day provides its own gifts quote by Marcus Aurelius | counselling Hobart | life matters holistic counselling
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Holistic Counselling values equally, developing both resilience & compassion for our shared/collective human experience and self-compassion for our unique personal circumstances.

Embarking on either a short or long-term therapeutic journey with a Counsellor you trust, will mark the beginning of a memorable period of self-discovery & renewal.


Life is relational and you have the ability to create whatever life changes you desire, through a personal transformation process.

Authentic connections matter and in cultivating the same (with yourself, others and/or the world around you) all that you seek is within reach.

You can positively transform any relationship (present, past and future) and by experiencing the same, you will inherently come to know that you can “change your life” for the better.

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Working with Susan, I have become more comfortable in my own skin and am happier about decisions I’m making. I’ve developed stronger boundaries and generally feel more positive about my future now.

Maya A

I felt comfortable with Susan from our first session. She really heard what I had to say and has helped me learn to trust my feelings again. I’ve become more confident in expressing my needs to loved ones.

John K

I found Susan at a time when I really needed professional support and am glad I did. Her patience and gentle way of being with me, helped to change my attitude toward my fears with wonderful results.

Bernice W

Susan has an optimistic approach and attitude to life which is tangible. I was happily surprised by her compassion and ability to stay with me in places I couldn’t have ventured alone. Thanks Susan.

Alice J

I was lost and felt that life had become meaningless. Working with Susan helped me to rediscover my authentic self and I now wake up with a renewed sense of purpose & zest for life each day.

Joyce S