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About Susan


Hi, I’m Susan and I offer Holistic Counselling and Transpersonal Therapy at my practice located in North Hobart, Tasmania. At Life Matters, your mental and emotional wellbeing are considered in the context of a greater whole. In other words, your psychological health is understood to be connected with the physical, social and spiritual (if applicable) aspects of your life and experience. The focus here is always on supporting and facilitating self-awareness and growth in the service of your self-healing process.


My aim, through authentic connection and the use of evidence-based and holistic therapeutic methods, is to assist you to manifest your full potential and innate ability to accomplish con- sidered, creative, playful and growth enhancing solutions to your particular challenges. A further aim at Life Matters is to provide you with new tools to use beyond therapy, as continually developing our ability to learn new skills enables us to move proactively forwards throughout our whole lifetime.


In our work together, I will utilise a diverse range of methods aimed at helping you with your particular difficulties and I will always work to the highest ethical standards to ensure best possible outcomes. You can be assured that I will be mindfully present during our sessions and as well, that your wellbeing is my highest priority. At Life Matters it’s held that our inner and outer experiences can sometimes be at variance and that, although we can cope with such differing but equally legitimate realities, a unified state supports optimal health.


I have attained my Counselling qualifications by completing University level studies and through undertaking specialist Vocational Training. I continue to complete relevant studies each year to facilitate my ongoing Professional Development (PD) and as well, I actively seek personal growth opportunities in many aspects of my life. I remain ever curious and optimistic about both our human potential and the wonder of life in its totality. If Holistic Counselling is what you’re seeking, then I hope to see you soon.



Bachelor of Arts – Psychology/Asian Studies (Victoria University)
Diploma of Liberal Arts (Victoria University)
Diploma of Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (Phoenix Institute of Australia)


Holistic Therapists Australia Inc. (HTA) 


hta membership cert.

To discuss your specific needs in more detail or to make an appointment please contact me. Phone: 0421 716 742     Email: