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Holistic Counselling via Zoom

Now being offered

*** Free 15 min Consultations ***

The Corona virus pandemic that is now sweeping the globe, has without a doubt impacted upon everybody in some way or other. It is an event which has truly highlighted our interconnectedness and dependancy upon one another and one which is bringing out the best and also unfortunately, sometimes the worst in us as a sentient species.

In extraordinarily challenging times such as this, I personally find it helpful to remember that there is in fact, good and bad in everyone. Any of us, tested under the right conditions, can lose patience, lash out in anger, or display rudeness and selfishness towards others. Similarly, tested under the right conditions, we are also each equally capable of much higher human qualities like generosity, compassion and goodwill.

The continued growing recognition and acceptance of our interconnectedness and dependancy is crucial, for humanity to both survive, rebuild and thrive beyond this global pandemic and also in order to manage, minimise and eradicate further local or community Covid-19 epidemics. This is a situation which is asking each of us to rise and develop new creative ways of thinking, living and connecting, together as one.

As a Hobart based Holistic Counsellor in private practice, I am continuing at this time to see people at my office who still feel comfortable with face-to-face meetings. For those not comfortable with this or who are now unable to access my service due to travel restrictions, I’m also now offering Zoom sessions.

As a “think globally, act locally” practitioner, thank you for understanding that all sessions offered are at this time for Tasmanian residents only. 

Susan JW
Counsellor & Holistic Therapist