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Caring through Coronavirus

Covid 19: An Update…

*** Special Skype & FaceTime Sessions ***

the picture above is a hugely magnified image of Covid-19 otherwise known as the Coronavirus.

While it’s hard to fathom that something so small is having such a large impact, on so many individuals around the world and therefore upon all of us as a species, the facts can no longer be denied. The world climate we are now living in, is for the moment a very changed one.

Each of us, for a whole host of reasons, responds to events like the CV differently. Whereas some people are mobilised to act and assist in any way they can, for others the experience is completely debilitating. It’s important to remember that all human reactions to an event of this scale, are perfectly normal.

I am now offering Skype & FaceTime sessions, for anyone feeling extremely negatively challenged, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These sessions have been especially designed to address and help you deal with strong emotional reactions to the CV, such as fear, helplessness, anger and despair.

You can book a session simply by clicking on the Appointments button and then scrolling down and choosing “Covid-19 S/FT Session”. I wish you courage, happiness, peace and faith through this journey we are all on together and I look forward to assisting you, should you need it, to achieve the same.

Susan JW
Counsellor & Holistic Therapist