Psychotherapy or Counselling – Some similarities and differences…

Psychotherapy and Counselling are overlapping types of wellbeing support but with differences. Psychotherapy focuses more on longer-term issues and growth, while counselling aims to help people resolve current issues.

Counselling and Psychotherapy are both aimed at supplementing & strengthening a persons general mental and emotional well-being.

Psychotherapy is typically a more in-depth, long-term process that focuses on a person’s feelings and past experiences, aimed at developing their personal growth.

Counselling meanwhile, is more likely to refer to short-term talk therapy. It focuses on helping a person find solutions to current issues. An individual can use it to develop strategies, actions, and behaviours that help to make their daily life more meaningful and enjoyable.

There are many cases where either will help however, and so an individual may engage in both types of therapy. The following table highlights the differences between psychotherapy and counselling.

Susan JW
Holistic Counsellor