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Archive for September, 2019

Creative Workshop: Event

Let’s Paint “Our Community Aura” *** Mental Health Week 2019 *** Come along to one of these fun 3hr small group creative workshops, where you will be guided to ‘paint your aura’. The artworks created in each small group session (throughout MHW), will then be collectively displayed as a single piece entitled “Our Community Aura” […]

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What is Holistic Counselling?

What Holistic Counselling is seems sometimes to be ‘the elephant in the room’, as it’s the question I’m usually first and most often asked by people. My particular counselling approach in other words, is one that I find people are genuinely interested in and also quite curious about.  The question then What is Holistic Counselling?… is […]

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A Blogging Counsellor and…

The Counselling Experience. Blogging as a Counsellor is an altogether new experience for me, so I thought I’d begin with a post about, yes you guessed it, ‘new experiences’. The parallel here is a fairly obvious one I think, though just to be clear, I’m comparing my reticent start in the world of blogging with […]

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